“I Live Alone” recorded the lowest rating of 4.2% in 5 years of airing history, proving that the show is losing its appeal to the public

MBC’s representative entertainment show “I Live Alone” reached the lowest viewership record in 5 years of airing.

According to the rating survey company Nielsen Korea’s report on November 20th, the broadcast of MBC’s show “I Live Alone” aired on November 19th, recorded an average nationwide viewership of 4.2%. This is a drop off 0.8% compared to their last broadcast’s figure and became the lowest rating number of this year. In particular, “I Live Alone” reached a rating of around 4% for the first time since 2017.

Following last week’s episode, this broadcast continued to show the cast members of “I Live Alone” making the 2022 Rainbow Calendar. The members of “I Live Alone” drew laughter for wearing hanbok to match the concept of making a new year calendar and performed enthusiastically throughout the shoot.

I Live Alone rating deceased

However, this episode’s rating was even lower than that of when it was aired at the same time as the hit dramas, such as JTBC’s “The World of the Married”, and SBS’s “Penthouse“. The production team of “I Live Alone” did try to make some changes to the show by introducing the returning of Jeon Hyun-moo and the joining of SHINee Key. However, they received harsh criticism for planning a rude hidden camera for Gian84. As the viewers became more disappointed by the controversy over the show bullying Gian84, MBC issued an apology and revealed their planning process last month.

I Live Alone rating deceased

In fact, many audiences pointed out that the content of “I Live Alone” is not as interesting as before. They said it was really fun to see the daily lives of “I Live Alone” cast members, then expressed their disappointment, given that the show these days is mainly about guests.

I Live Alone rating deceased

Attention is being focused on whether “I Live Alone”, which has seen a gradual fall in ratings, will be able to regain its popularity and the public’s love.

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