Luna: “f(x) didn’t disband…I’m sorry to keep you guys waiting”

Luna (f(x)) confirmed that the group did not break up.

As Luna recently communicated with fans through SNS live stream, a netizen asked, “Did f(x) break up?” The person seems to have asked if the group was disbanded.


In response, Luna stressed, “We haven’t broken up, we really don’t break up. Our f(x) is still -ing”.

Girl group f(x) which debuted in 2009 has won the top spot in the electronic dance genre among K-pop girl groups. But there has been no official activity from them for nearly four years since their fourth album “4Walls” in 2015 and their fans are desperate.

For this reason, some raised concerns that f(x) might have disbanded, but Luna ensured fans that they are not.

In addition, Luna sang f(x) hits one after another for MeU (f(x)‘s fandom) on the same day, and worked hard to satisfy fans’ thirst.

In particular, before singing ‘Sorry’ which is one of f(x)‘s hits, Luna said to MeU: “I’m sorry to have kept you waiting for a long time, and I’m sorry to make you cry,” and added with sincerity, “I’m sorry for having a comeback alone every time. Even if I’m alone I will try to come back more, and we will work hard so that me and my members can appear together again. I’m sorry”.

Source: mydailynews

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