The reason why Thai people praise Lisa (BLACKPINK) as a “God-like existence”

These days, Lisa frequently appears on the front page of Thailand’s local newspapers. 

BLACKPINK Lisa’s first solo album, ‘LALISA’ released on September 10, has drawn explosive responses from fans. After the MV was premiered on Youtube, it recorded a record-breaking number of 73.6 million views in the first 24 hours. It also exceeded 100 million views in just 2 days. Moreover, ‘LALISA’ also topped the iTunes Top Song Chart in 72 countries and ranked No.1 on the brand reputation index.

Thai Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha gave his compliment to Lisa because she had included traditional Thai crafts and the image of Phanom Rung Historical Park in Buriram Province in her music video.

Lisa’s fan signing event in Thailand and Indonesia in 2018

After Lisa became Thailand’s leading global star, the Thai Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha commented, “After overcoming the difficulties of training and practicing in the fierce Korean KPOP industry, she became a member of the internationally famous girl group BLACKPINK. Her determination to reach her dream has inspired many Thai people in different fields, such as art, music, and movie.”

Thanks to Lisa’s popularity, more and more people are being attracted to traditional Thai costumes and Thai foods.

Lisa once said in an interview, “If I return to my hometown, I want to eat meatballs in the square in front of Buriram Train Station”. According to a local media report right after that interview, they said, “The daily sales of meatballs have soared to more than thousands baht (about 350,000 won) a day. Online orders from outside the country have also increased sharply.”


The owner of a clothing store in Bangkok, Thailand, said that the number of people coming to buy traditional Thai costumes and accessories has soared since Lisa’s solo release. A clothing store staff in Bangkok said, “A lot of people have begun to ask for the traditional Thai costumes, the style, and color that have, both online and offline.”

At the moment, hair accessories such as Lisa’s headwear have become popular items for Lisa fans and tourists and are being sold at 250 to 1,000 baht (about 8,800 to 35,000 won) in Thai local markets.

Lalisa, from a working-class girl to a world-class star

Lisa was born in Buriram Province, Thailand and her real name is Lalisa Manoban. Lisa’s grow-up background also played an important part in Lisa’s popularity in Thailand. Thailand is a hierarchical society in which kings and nobles exist. In addition, people in the upper class are called “high-so (high society)” which means rich and wealthy people. It is said that 2PM Nickhun and other celebrities are from this class. Most of them are Chinese or mixed Chinese whose skin is whiter than that of the mainlanders.

However, Lisa is not from “high-so” but from “lo-so (low society)”, the working class. Lisa, who belonged to the working class, and the story of her becoming a world-class star after passing the YG Thailand audition and training under YG for 5 years and 3 months has ignited the hearts of Thai people. Thai people are inspired by Lisa’s growing-up story. To them, Lisa’s existence is like a god being.


Lisa is proud to be born a Thai and she often shows off her love and pride for Thailand throughout her singing career. She named his solo debut album with her real name and added Thai elements to her song and MV. She also participated in a donation campaign to create a complex cultural space in her hometown. Lisa expressed her feelings, “I hope that children would be able to play around and dream freely in a better educational environment. I want to support the precious dreams of many children”. Donations collected through this campaign will be used to improve the educational environment not only in Lisa’s hometown Thailand but also in other developing countries.

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