Sandara Park “We could’ve become true legends if we continued without disbanding”

Sandara Park expressed deep longing for 2NE1’s activities.

On July 12th, Sandara Park’s interview video was uploaded on the YouTube channel “1theK Originals”.

Sandara Park first looked at the height of 160cm in her profile and caused laughter by revealing, “I don’t measure my height because I’m scared. I’m so scared to check what my height is with my own eyes. Let’s say it’s 160cm.” Regarding the weight of 39~41kg, she showed the aspect of a small eater, “It’s been a while since I was over 40kg. This is true, I am currently 39kg.

sandara park

Looking at the period of 2NE1’s activities, she expressed her affection, “This is so sad. It doesn’t mean we’re not 2NE1 because we disbanded. Well, I think the members will always agree with me.” When the production team said “You were like NewJeans“, Sandara Park shared, “Is that why? Our music styles, looks and everything are different, but I somehow felt familiar with NewJeans lately.”

She also expressed her feelings about standing on the Coachella stage last year. Sandara Park recalled, “We were performing after 7, 8 years when we performed at Coachella, so I thought people won’t know who we are. I went there without expectations, but the screams when our stage started and the sing-along for ‘I AM THE BEST’ were like a movie. I felt like the protagonist of a movie in those 3~4 minutes.

sandara park

Regarding 2NE1’s record (23 out of the 38 songs made it on the annual chart), she expressed regret, “It was so short and impactful. We could’ve become true legends if we continued without disbanding.” So, is there any chance of a reunion? Sandara Park said coolly, “I really have no clue. Because we’re all in different agencies so that’s one hassle. I guess when all four of us are free. Should we have to be jobless?

Sandara Park confessed, “I did wonder ‘Is this the last time?’ when we were recording ‘MISSING YOU’. The reason I thought it was the last song was because we released single albums with the songs ‘Falling In Love’ and ‘Do You Love Me’. The company said 2NE1 is over now. We were always no.1, but now we were on no.10. We were sad. Fans and the agency were sad too. (Yang Hyun Suk) said ‘This album isn’t going to work, let’s stop promoting now’. I’m not sure if it was a joke or something he said because he was upset, but we went to record ‘MISSING YOU’ after we shared that conversation and the last lyrics were too much like breaking up. Park Bom and I cried for hours in the recording studio after we recorded this song until our eyes got swollen. However, the song reached no.1 so we were relieved and enjoyed the promotion. However, the album ‘CRUSH’ unexpectedly became our last album.” She also expressed her distress, “I’m not so familiar with current singers and music shows. I don’t watch music shows often these days because I find myself tearing up whenever I watch a music show, year-end award show after I stopped working as a singer.”

Source: Daum

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