“I Live Alone” casts who become main characters in romance news (Hwasa, Honey J, etc.)

On June 30th, the media reported that MAMAMOO Hwasa has been dating a businessman 12 years older than her for five years. Hwasa has not released any position, but she is still drawing keen attention every day due to the rumors.


In the meantime, netizens find it interesting that “I Live Alone” cast members are appearing in romance news one after another. 

Earlier, Lee Jang Woo officially acknowledged his romantic relationship with Jo Hye Won, who is 8 years younger than him. The two starred in KBS2’s “My Only One” together then developed into lovers after the drama ended.

Before Lee Jang Woo, Cha Seo Won, who got the nickname “romantic mad guy” on the show, also delivered good news about his love life. In particular, the actor surprised everyone as he announced not only his marriage with Uhm Hyun Kyung, who is five years older than him, but also the actress’s pregnancy at the same time.

honey j

Honey J, who once unveiled her single life through “I Live Alone”, made headlines when she suddenly announced the news of her marriage and pregnancy in September last year through a long SNS post. Later, the dancer’s wedding preparation process was also revealed through the broadcast. She held her wedding in November of the same year and received warm congratulations from everyone.

Apart from those who officially confirmed their romance news, Code Kunst is another star who is embroiled in dating rumors like Hwasa.

 Code Kunst

It was recently reported that Code Kunst, who is a regular cast on “I Live Alone”, has been in a romantic relationship with a pretty non-celebrity woman, who is 1 year older than him, for five years.

As more and more celebrities who made appearances on “I Live Alone” are being called out in dating reports every day, some netizens jokingly comment, “Seems like they are no longer living alone”.

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