Hyun Bin Acts In Music Video For The First Time After 6 Years & Fans’ Reactions

Actor Hyun Bin recently made headlines as he appeared in Kim Bum-soo’s new music video “The World of You”

Hyun Bin appears in the music video for “The World of You”, the pre-release song of Kim Bum-soo’s 9th full album album “Travel” released on January 25th, together with actress Kim Seo-an as the male and female leads.

“The World of You” is a song closest to Kim Bum-soo’s signature music style. Its lyrics contain feelings of regret and longing for someone. Hyun Bin expressed the deep lingering emotion and sadness with his deep eyes and extraordinary acting skills harmonizing with the music. Despite having a very short scene, the actor still overwhelmed viewers with his charms.

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This is Hyun Bin’s first appearance in a music video six years after he acted in the one for Kim Dong-ryul’s “Reply” in 2018. Knowing that the actor has been busy taking care of his son and family after marrying actress Son Ye-jin in 2022, fans were curious about the reason he decided to appear in “The World of You” MV.

According to Kim Bum-soo, he was not close to Hyun Bin. However, the singer sang an OST for a drama starring Hyun Bin and performed a congratulation stage at Hyun Bin and Son Ye-jin’s wedding.

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After the event, Kim Bum-soo invited Hyun Bin to act in the MV because he thought of the actor’s image when working on the song. It is known that Hyun Bin gladly agreed to the invitation. In fact, Hyun Bin appeared in Kim Bum-soo’s MV once when the male singer released “Memory” in 2005.

Fans and netizens poured enthusiastic reactions to Hyun Bin’s appearance, saying “His scene was so great”, “Why am I crying seeing Hyun Bin in a music video?”, “His appearance suits the highlight part of the song so well”, “Kim Bum-soo’s song and actor Hyun Bin… What a crazy combination”, etc.

Source: Daum

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