Hyoyeon’s Perspective on Anti-Fans: ‘They Probably Don’t Have Friends

Hyoyeon shared her thoughts about haters

In a recent interview with COSMOPOLITAN, when asked about negative comments on the internet, Hyoyeon shared her perspective on dealing with criticism as a celebrity.


“Becoming famous is a job that even positive-minded people can view negatively. When I first debuted, I thought I would only receive love, but I actually faced a lot of criticism. I trained diligently for seven years and believed that now I just needed to showcase that, but people were focused on leaving hurtful comments.

Back then, I used to go cycling. I would wake up at 6 AM, ride my bike along the Han River, watch the birds fly, then return home for breakfast and continue with my schedule. I thought that was really good for me. Fortunately, my personality is relatively simple, and I only listen to things that are useful, so I decided to think, ‘They haven’t seen anything yet.’ I had to think about positive things for a long time and stop dwelling on the negative. I focused on the core. So, I only remember the happy things.”

She continued, “In the past, I completely avoided the gaze of others, and I didn’t even pay attention. But now, looking back, I just think, ‘If they can write comments like that, they probably don’t have any friends.’ I’m not someone with a calm temperament; I can be a bit fiery. So, I even wanted to confront them the way they did to me.”

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