Hyolyn reveals she often meets up with SISTAR members after disbandment 

Hyolyn showed off her friendship with SISTAR members.

Hyolyn appeared on SBS’s radio show ‘Kim Young Cheol Power FM’ broadcast at 7 am KST on August 31st. Hyolyn showed a fantastic chemistry with DJ Kim Young Cheol from the start, attracting keen attention.


When a listener said that they were very surprised to see Hyolyn sing live without music at the Water Bomb festival recently, Hyolyn proved she is an all-rounded performer by responding, “I even practiced singing live while running on the treadmill. I want to sing well and dance well, so I practiced while running on purpose.”

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In particular, Hyolyn is scheduled to hold her solo concert on September 3 and 4. She said, “I like everything regardless of genre. I am preparing various stages so that you can enjoy them with both your eyes and ears”. She also teased a stage that features Kim Junsu and raised expectations by saying, “You can’t miss (my solo concert).”

After that, Hyolyn said that she is also planning an overseas tour. She greeted international fans in English, and told an anecdote that she was touched by the in-ear gift from fans to celebrate the 12th anniversary of her debut this year. 


In addition, she talked about SISTAR’s reunion stage after a long time earlier this summer on “Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook”. Hyolyn said, I didn’t cry on the stage with all of us after a long time. Because even if it’s not for work, I often meet SISTAR members,” revealing SISTAR’s close friendship even after disbandment.

Hyolyn continued, “When the weather gets warmer, there are always a lot of people who want a new song from SISTAR. I think it would be nice to have a good opportunity to sing for you later.”


Meanwhile, Hyolyn will hold her solo concert “HYOLYN 2022 CONCERT iCE” at Yes Live Hall on September 3 and 4. After that, she will perform at the Japanese music festival “ODD BRICK FESTIVAL 2022” on September 23. 

Source: daum

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