HYBE’s Youngest Girl Group I’LL-IT to Debut on March 25 

Expectation surges as I’LL-IT, HYBE’s youngest girl group, gears up for their debut under the full support of Bang Si-hyuk. 

On February 21, it was announced that HYBE’s youngest girl group, I’LL-IT, will release their debut album on March 25. With HYBE chairman Bang Si-hyuk deeply involved in the production of the girl group, attention is expected to gravitate towards I’LL-IT’s high-anticipated beginning.

Expressing their excitement and gratitude, I’LL-IT members conveyed their debut sentiments through the group’s agency, stating, “We are truly thrilled and excited to finally debut, as it has been our earnest desire. We are grateful to the fans who have waited patiently with us. Through recording, music video shoots, and more, we feel that we have grown significantly. Moreover, we have come to realize the reality of debuting through this process. We hope to showcase our growth as I’LL-IT and ask for your continued interest and love.”


Meanwhile, I’LL-IT is a multinational five-member group (Yunah, Minju, Moka, Wonhee, and Iroha) formed through the survival show “R U Next?”, which aired from June to September last year.

The group name, I’LL-IT, combines the autonomous and progressive will (I WILL) with the pronoun signifying something special (IT), and encapsulates the group’s ambition as one with the potential to be “anything.”

Following the conclusion of “R U Next?”, I’LL-IT has consolidated its popularity by releasing various original contents on their official YouTube channel. With their quirky and lively personalities, chemistry among members, and affable and modest charm, they have garnered support from Generation Z fans through short-form videos.

The interest in I’LL-IT, the third girl group under HYBE Labels after LE SSERAFIM and New Jeans, is unparalleled. With various noteworthy attributes, even before revealing their music, Grammy.com, a leading US music publication, praised them as an impressive girl group and designates them as one of the “K-pop rookies to watch in 2024.”

On the other hand, I’LL-IT initially had a lineup of 6 members, but one supposed member, Yongseo, left before the official debut. 

Source: Daum

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