HYBE ignored public opinion to let Kim Garam debut but gave her very little screen time

HYBE decided to let Kim Garam debut despite all of her controversies

In recent days, the new girl group project LE SSERAFIM of HYBE Labels in collaboration with Source Music has received much attention from the audience.  Especially the fact that the members of the group are constantly accused of plagiarizing ideas and having concepts that are not appropriate for their age.  Not only that, Kim Garam also caused controversy regarding her past as a bully.

Le Sserafim
LESSERAFIM attracts a lot of attention from fans

Recently, the company posted a video of more than 10 minutes with the title “We’re LE SSERAFIM”.  This is an interview with the members, to introduce their names, interests, and personalities as well as to bring them closer to fans.

In addition to the group’s sharing, fans pay much attention to the members’ beauty.  However, LE SSERAFIM disappointed fans when revealing unattractive visuals that were unlike in the concept photos.  Besides Kazuha being praised, the rest are controversial about their visuals.

In particular, fans also realized that Kim Garam – the most controversial member of the group, only had only a few seconds while the entire video was over 10 minutes in length. Sakura, Yunjin, and Chaewon are the ones with the most screen time.  This makes the audience extremely curious because before that, HYBE Labels and Source Music ignored the public and let Garam debut.

Before that, Kim Garam was accused by many people of being a school bully.  The female rookie is said to have beaten her classmates, smoked, drank and cut her uniform too short.

Not only that, she and her group of friends often do offensive actions.  Kim Garam‘s social media account is also accused of bad mouthing her bandmate Sakura, V (BTS) and, Wonyoung (IVE).

Faced with Kim Garam‘s controversies, HYBE Labels and Source Music released a statement to defend her.  Fans think that perhaps because they spent a lot of money on investing as well as building the concept and storyline for LE SSERAFIM, this company tried to cover up the controversies.

Currently, Kim Garam is still attracting a lot of attention on social networks.  Besides, fans are also looking forward to the upcoming debut of LE SSERAFIM.

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