Hwasa “I think I’ve grown along with ‘Knowing Bros'”

Mamamoo Hwasa celebrated the 400th episode of JTBC’s “Knowing Bros”.

On the Sep 9th broadcast of “Knowing Bros“, the members celebrated the 400th episode.

Hwasa appeared to celebrate the 400th episode by singing her new song “I Love My Body”.

Knowing Bros

When Kang Ho Dong said “Time passes really quickly. We’ve changed, but Hwasa has also grown a lot“, Hwasa shared her thoughts, “I think I’ve grown along with ‘Knowing Bros’.

Super Junior Shindong said, “I know Hwasa became famous thanks to ‘I Live Alone’, but in fact, people first found out about her through ‘Knowing Bros’.” Hwasa agreed, “That’s right. I admit that.

Hwasa then expressed her gratitude, “‘Knowing Bros’ always matches my own font color.” Previously, broadcaster Lee Soo Geun saw Hwasa’s lip color and said “That’s what happens if you eat a lot of mulberries“, making the mulberry color Hwasa’s font color.

Finally, Hwasa cheered, “It’s been a really long time since ‘Knowing Bros’ first aired. I’ve been with ‘Knowing Brother’ every time I release a song, so the existence of ‘Knowing Bros’ is really big. Not only for the public, but also for many celebrities. Thank you so much. I hope the show can keep going for a long time.”

Source: Daum

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