How much has RM (BTS) grown in the past 5 years?

From being a boy who was often called “ugly”, BTS RM has now become an amazing leader, a talented music producer and a clever spokesman in KPOP.

It can be said that RM (BTS) is the most mentioned name in recent days thanks to his sincere, profound and convincing speech in front of the international politicians at the United Nations General Assembly.

Although there were tensions and pressure on the boys’ shoulders, it can not be denied that RM and BTS have done things that no KPOP idol has done before. Also, their noble mission is now beyond the duty of an idol group. Looking at the current image of RM, many KPOP fans can feel his maturity after spending more than five years in the entertainment industry.

Getting into the showbiz as the leader of an unknown group from a small company, RM was criticized for his appearance and abnormal style, which was different from the Koreans’ taste. RM had to wear glasses during the debut days, hoping to get rid of the criticism and to keep his members away from them.

After five years, what has the “ugly” leader achieved so far?

RM‘s IQ index is 148, and his SAT scores was in the top 1.3% highest of the country. This means that he can study any top university without a problem. Thanks to self-studying English through movies, he scored 900/990 in the TOEIC exam. Therefore, whenever there is a schedule abroad, RM will be the spokesman and interpreter of BTS as he can confidently answer the interview alone, since the other members are not so fluent in English.

Not only that, RM is also one of the rare idols who have a wealth of musical composition. Most of BTS‘s albums have RM‘s participation in the production of music, lyrics and melody. Currently, the RM holds over 80 songs certified by Korea Music Copyright Association. In addition to the musical projects with BTS, the group also released solo mixtapes and music for other artists. So far, he has worked with Wale, Warren G, Gaeko, Kriz Kaliko, MFBTY, Primary, Fall Out Boy, etc.

Thanks to 5 years of living in criticism, RM has become tougher and less self-conscious about himself. Over time, the so-called “ugly” Rap Monster has now become the intelligent, superb and more mature RM. He may never have a standard flower-boy look of an idol, but that doesn’t matter anymore, right?

Source: Tinnhac

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