Hong Jin-young delivers her recent status after a long time… Fans are worried inside

A singer, who recently made a comeback with a new album, showed off her slimmer body.

On Aug 5th, singer Hong Jin-young posted a photo on her Instagram with the caption “Tonight, ice cream without anyone knowing”.

In the photo, Hong Jin-young was walking on the street at night. She was having a relaxing time eating ice cream.

She showed off her unrecognisably slim figure. Her slender forearms caught viewers’ attention.

Netizens who saw the photo were worried about Hong Jin-young’s health, such as “Why are you so skinny?”, “You lost weight after having a hard time” and “You have to eat well.”

Meanwhile, Hong Jin-young was embroiled in a controversy over plagiarism of her master’s thesis at Chosun University in 2020. After that, her side said they were checking facts. However, she eventually accepted the conclusion of the confirmation of plagiarism by Chosun University, then apologized to the public and took time to self-reflect. She also dropped out of SBS’ “My Little Old Boy“, on which she was appearing.

Afterwards, Hong Jin-young returned to the music industry with her new song “Viva La Vida” in April.

Source: wikitree

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