Having revealed hundreds scandals, is there any celebrity that made Dispatch stuck?

Many celebrities have been targeted by this news agency, but there are still some exceptions.

Though Dispatch hasn’t been active for so long yet, this news agency became a very trusted news agency with Korean readers that pay a lot of attention on celebrities. Founded in 2011 with only 11 members, after almost 8 years, Dispatch has made its position among hundreds of news agencies with tremendous shocking scandals. Recently, Dispatch has caused a controversy among netizens when this agency revealed that G-Dragon, the famous and talented leader of Big Bang, got a special treatment in the military. While many people are still excitedly discussing about this scandal, a raising topic on Pann has posed a question whether there is a celebrity that Dispatch does not target.
The first name to be mentioned is BTS, according to many comments. This famous boygroup seems to merely focus on their work and tight schedules that they almost have no time to cause any scandal. When they have their precious free time, the members just simply visit their family or even still spend time together. The most recent news about BTS that Dispatch delivered is their beautiful photo albums which were taken during their latest comeback.

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“I heard that they gave up on BTS because the 7 members were together all the time.”
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“Dispatch adores BTS a lot these days. They’ll change their attitude completely once they catch some dating news anyways.”

Another name that many people suppose not to be the target of Dispatch is Apink. Indeed, this girlgroup is also another case of K-pop which only pay attention to their work. Most of the time, the girls live together in their dorm or follow their schedule. Following celebrities like Apink members must be boring with Dispatch paparazzi.
“Didn’t they give up on Apink, too? It was funny how they were eyeing Naeun alone in a café and other members showed up with bingsu.”
Other netizens also lively show their opinions. The comments which mentioned Lee Joon, Kim Jongkook, SNSD Seohyun, SHINee Taemin , EXO D.O and Lee Seunggi receive many votes up. These celebrities have been known for their craze for work or simply lives like normal people: hanging out with close friends, doing gym in a fitness center, or reading books in a familiar café in their free time. It seems like their lives will continuously go on smoothly likewise so no one can interfere and cause a chaos.
“Dispatch gave up on Kim Jongkook because he was at the gym more than his home.”
“Isn’t SNSD Seohyun also one of the celebrities that Dispatch gave up on?”
“Taemin was also followed by some press but they gave up because he was with Kai.”
Some people claim that Dispatch is biased and it’s unfair to other companies. What do you think about this point of view?

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