Female Comedian Reveals Shocking Story About One Side Of Her Chest Burst After Plastic Surgery

Comedian Park Bodre talked about how she became close with Park Seul-gi after an unexpected incident

Park Bodre appeared in a content video on the YouTube channel “VIVO TV” with broadcaster Park Seul-gi and actress Jung Jung-ah and talked about various things. Revealing that she was not close with Park Seul-gi in the first place, Park Bodre explained the decisive opportunity that helped them become close friends.

Park Bodre

Confessing that she underwent chest plastic surgery, the female comedian said, “I did a tunning”, adding “One side of my chest suddenly hurt so much. It hurt without any reason. No one touched it. Don’t get me wrong”. She continued, “One side hurt and it just burst. Suddenly, the name Park Seul-gi suddenly came to my mind”.

Recalling the situation at that time, Park Seul-gi said she came up with a solution. She said, “I knew a place famous for this kind of chest plastic surgery. So I called them”. Expressing her gratitude, Park Bodre shared, “I was very touched when Park Seul-gi came forward for me. Since then, I’ve started to care about Park Seul-gi more”.

Park Bodre made her debut as a comedian through SBS’s open recruitment in 2001. She later became popular with the “Bean Dance”.

Source: Naver

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