Han Hye Jin reacted to her weight gain, “Please cut the scene. I can’t film this content anymore”

Model/broadcaster Han Hye Jin was shocked by her increased weight.

On April 11th, Han Hye Jin uploaded a new video content titled “Reveal Han Hye Jin’s one-day detox diet (Watch this when you don’t want to go to the gym)” on her Youtube channel. In the video, Han Hye Jin underwent a body composition measuring process for the first time after a while. Recalling memories of eating as much as she wanted during her overseas trip and even having malatang the night before, Han Hye Jin suddenly got nervous when standing in front of the body composition measuring device. She said, “I’m in big trouble. I think it’s been almost a month since I last did this”.

han hye jin

After weighing herself, Han Hye Jin even took off the mic and the robe she was wearing to reduce her weight by even a little bit. Exploding with impatience, she shouted at the machine that kept announcing details of her weight, “I got it. Hurry up!”.

han hye jin

Receiving the measurement results, Han Hye Jin sat quietly on the chair for a while then commented, “I’m doomed”. She continued, “I’m in trouble”, adding “Please cut this scene. I can’t film this anymore”, drawing laughter. According to the results released at the request of the production team, the recent weight increase was significantly higher than usual. Han Hye Jin expressed her disappointment, saying “This is the first time I’ve seen such a number”.

han hye jin

Wearing her all-black workout clothes and heading to the gym, Han Hye Jin said, “I want to sit on the terrace and eat fried squid with mayonnaise and cold beer… or pack a lunchbox and go on a picnic by the Han River”, revealing that she didn’t want to exercise every day. When the production team asked for advice on what she does when she doesn’t feel like exercising, the model replied briefly, “Just go there”.

Although Han Hye Jin complained that she “really wants to run away” even after arriving at the gym, she eventually burned 500 kcal in an hour through high-intensity exercises, showing off her professional side and extraordinary self-control ability as a top model.

Source: Daum

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