Han Hye-jin posted “abs photo” the day before Itaewon disaster… Malicious commenter “This kind of picture will get a lot of hate in this state of affairs”

A total of 155 people were killed in the Itaewon disaster. 30 people were seriously injured and 122 people were lightly injured.

The unbelievable situation in which over 300 casualties occurred in just a few hours left many people in great dejection. Regardless of terrestrial and cable broadcasting companies, the broadcasting industry is expressing condolences for the Itaewon disaster by canceling entertainment programs and dramas.

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Singers such as Jang Yoon-jung and idol group TWICE also canceled their scheduled concerts this week. Being so deeply sad about the Itaewon disaster, some netizens turned their eyes to the wrong place.

On Oct 28th, model Han Hye-jin shared her daily workout routine through her Instagram. Han Hye-jin showed off her solid abs in a bra top and leggings at the gym.

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While many people were admiring Han Hye-jin’s body, one netizen commented, “This kind of picture will get a lot of hate in this state of affairs.” However, Han Hye-jin posted the picture a day before the Itaewon disaster.

Netizens who saw this showed reactions such as “I know it’s sad, but you shouldn’t criticize wrong people” and “You should make sure to check the facts before posting malicious comments.”

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Meanwhile, on Oct 30th, singer Lee Chan-won attended the first theme park picnic autumn festival held in Hwasun-gun, Jeollanam-do and was humiliated on stage.

This is because Lee Chan-won did not sing to mourn the Itaewon tragedy.

He asked the audience for their understanding, “I came up on stage because I thought it’d be right to meet you, greet you and ask for your understanding in order to keep the minimum promise. I’m sorry and I ask for your understanding. I’m sorry.”

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Earlier, Lee Chan-won’s side had already made an announcement through his official fan cafe.

However, some audiences booed Lee Chan-won as soon as he finished his words. It was reported that a man even verbally abused Lee Chan-won when the male singer was coming down from the stage. That man also started a physical fight by pushing and grabbing a staff by the collar.

Lee Chan-won had some clashes with the audience as he came down from the stage, but fortunately, no one was injured.

Source: Insight

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