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Han Ga In, “My mother-in-law didn’t plan to have more babies but then my husband was born thanks to a monk’s prophecy”

Actress Han Ga In revealed the story of her husband Yeon Jung Hoon’s birth.

JTBC’s “Day Without Hands” broadcast on March 7th showed Shin Dong Yeop and Han Ga In going on a business trip to Anseong-si, Gyeonggi-do.

Hearing the story about a monk from the client, who said, “Water comes into the neighborhood, and this is the last house to get it”, Han Ga In opened her mouth out of astonishment and said, “When my mother-in-law was still living in a small single room, a monk came and offer her a drink”.


She surprised everyone when saying, “At that time, the monk said, ‘This house needs to have one son, why don’t you have one?’. My mother-in-law wanted to raise only one child so she replied, ‘I have no plan to have another baby’. Then the monk said, ‘If you have a son, the child will make his name known within 28 years’. And the next month, she got pregnant and later gave birth to my husband”.

In response, Shin Dong Yeop said, “What?! Wait a minute! Wasn’t it the same monk?”. Han Ga In wondered, “The monk from Bulguksa Temple?”, drawing laughter.

Meanwhile, “Day Without Hands” is a show about people moving their houses.

Source: Daum

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