Han Ga-in and Seol Min-seok to return with ‘Greek Roman Myth: The Private Life of the Gods 2’ launched in early April

MBN’s “Greek Roman Myth: The Private Life of the Gods 2” (hereinafter “The Private Life of the Gods 2”) will premiere in early April.

“The Private Life of the Gods 2” is the second season of “Greek Roman Myth: The Private Life of the Gods” which aired last year. It was loved for “storyteller” Seol Min-seok’s spicy mythology stories, “empathy goddess” MC Han Ga-in’s barrages of questions that are tailored to viewers’ eye level, and the in-depth mythological interpretations by Seoul National University professor Kim Heon, who has been studying mythology for a long time.

han ga in

In this season, along with Han Ga-in, Seol Min-seok and Kim Heon, art history lecturer Lee Chang-yong, who is famous as the “man who reads paintings,” will join and open an art museum “The Private Life of the Gods” version. Lee Chang-yong is an “art master” who has been a docent (exhibition guide) at the Vatican, the Louvre and the Orsay Museum for over 10 years.

“Storyteller” Seol Min-seok has been preparing for season 2 for over three months since the end of the previous season. Han Ga-in and Professor Kim Heon are also expected to continue their fantastic chemistry by looking at Seol Min-seok’s mythological stories from various perspectives and presenting their opinions.

The production team stated, “In the previous season, the main story was how Zeus, the ‘King of the Gods’, became the king of Olympus. This time, interesting stories about ‘Gigantomachia,’ which is the ‘mythical version of Infinity War’, and the ‘War of Typhon’, which is similar to ‘Endgame,’ will unfold. We ask for your interest in ‘The Private Life of the Gods 2,’ where you can learn how to live in the world by gaining enlightenment in mythology.

Source: Daum

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