GOT7 celebrated their victory over Sunmi by… brushing their teeth

Fans were excited with GOT7’s cute and funny celebration on the stage

On September 28th, GOT7 defeated Sunmi as their score doubled Sunmi‘s socre on Music Bank. In particular, GOT7‘s score in the album category is impressively high (7,098 points) and only with this score, the JYP boygroup has defeated Sunmi‘s total scores (4080 points).

After receiving the second trophy for “Lullaby” this week, GOT7 thanked their fans in 4 languages: Korean, English, Cantonese and Thai. After that, the members were singing and brushing their teeth in such a cute way that the fans couldn’t dislike it.

GOT7’s win on Music Bank today
The members celebrated their victory by brushing their teeth

Source: Kenh14

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