Go Min-si for “Sweet Home 2”, “Practice at Action School Daily Until Just Before I Cried” 

Actress Go Min-si disclosed her keen preparations for “Sweet Home 2” in a recent press conference

On November 30, a press conference for the Netflix series “Sweet Home 2” was held. The event was attended by actors Song Kang, Lee Jin-wook, Lee Si-young, Go Min-si, Jung Jin-young, Yu Oh-seong, Kim Mu-yeol, and director Lee Eung-bok, who shared their thoughts on the work.

Here, Go Min-si expressed her gratitude, saying, “Fortunately, I received love globally in Season 1. It was a grateful time that allowed me to act with this character over four years. Season 1 was released in winter, and Season 2 is also open in winter, so I feel sentimental.”

Portraying Lee Eun-yoo, who did not see her brother Eun-hyuk’s last moments while escaping the apartment building “Green Home”, Go Min-si explained, “She is a character who lives with a desperate desire to see her brother just once, whether he’s now a monster or anything. She changed from long hair to short hair, wore military boots instead of ballet shoes, held a weapon in her hand, and her body was full of scars. Eun-yoo became sharper and colder, yet somewhat warmer. I thought she became a character who has grown up internally and now knows how to share and sacrifice, I was able to grow together with her while acting.”

In preparation for “Sweet Home 2”, Go Min-si shared that she practiced at an action school every day until just before she cried, adding, “I’ve been training a lot since three months before filming, and there were many scenes that required courage and stamina more than I thought. Now I have no fear of throwing myself.” 

go min si

Finally, Go Min-si mentioned, “Season 1 was a turning point for me. It was my first time shooting such an intense work, and it was a work with many of my first experiences inside the set. Many fans liked it, so I look forward to showing another work I’m proud of this time.”

Meanwhile, “Sweet Home” depicts a world where people become monsters based on their desires. In Season 2, main character Hyun-soo and other survivors of the “Green Home” have to persist in a new battlefield, as new presences emerges alongside unknown mysterious phenomena. 

“Sweet Home 2” will be released on December 1st on Netflix. 

Source: Daum

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