Go A-ra Recalled Filming “Reply 1994,” “I Didn’t Gain Weight Even If I Ate 10 Meals A Day”

The cast of “Reply 1994” told its behind-the-scenes story as they gathered together for the first time in 10 years

On Novembẻ 17th, on the YouTube channel of “The Game Caterers,” a video was posted featuring the cast of the popular drama “Reply 1994,” including Jung-woo, Go A-ra, Son Ho-joon, Cha Sun-woo, Kim Sung-kyun, Min Do-hee, and Shin Won-ho. The video was to celebrate the drama’s 10 years anniversary. Unfortunately, Yoo Yeon-seok was absent due to his fan meeting event.

The cast members were glad to see each other again after 10 years. In particular, Jung-woo looked disappointed with the absence of Yoo, saying, “I missed Yeon-seok.”

go ara

The cast then recalled their casting and the popularity during the time the drama was shared. When asked, “Did Go A-ra need to gain 7kg for her role to suit Jung-woo?” Go-A answered, “I was told to gain weight, they said I didn’t look exactly like a human,” laughing and saying, “My eyes are brown, but my hair was yellow at the time.” Director Shin said, “As an actress, Go A-ra needed a more realistic appearance to portray her role.”

go ara

“But I still didn’t gain weight, so I asked them to cut my hair roughly. It was like a sports hair style because it was too short,” Go A-ra said. “I was told to stop exercising and eat pizza, jajangmyeon, and chicken. However, I didn’t gain weight no matter how much I ate, but as I ate deliciously as the filming started, I actually gained weight. I ate 10 loaves a day, and I ate breakfast and lunch two times each.”

Source: daum

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