Girls’ Generation’s Yoona revealed her pretty bare face in a new Vlog but the staff couldn’t recognize her 

Yoona shared her daily life in a new vlog.

On April 12th, Girls’ Generation’s Yoona posted a new video titled “Yoong-log | Busan business trip vlog | Bubble reply time | This is how I rest” on her personal YouTube channel “Yoona’s So Wonderful Day.”

In the description box under the video, Yoona wrote, “The time I spent in Busan during the filming of drama ‘Big Mouse’.” What should I call my YoongTube subscribers?”

Yoona started the vlog by saying, “I’m on my way to Busan to film the drama ‘Big Mouse’. I came to rest in the service area for a while.”

Yoona SNSD

However, she got so shy filming herself that she wondered, “My MBTI type is Extroverted but why am I bad at this? Why do I feel so shy when I do this? I guess I go back and forth between introverted and extroverted?” She added, “Should I film a vlog where I’m not saying anything?” It’s not going to be fun, is it?”

After having dinner, she came back to the dorm, changed into her pajamas, and did a Q&A by answering fans’ questions sent through Bubble.

When a fan asked about her favorite snack these days, Yoona answered tiramisu. She said, “I’ve been really into tiramisu, so I’ve had it a lot. I’ve had egg tart and some snacks. I didn’t eat them often, but they are delicious, so I’ve been having them these days.”

Yoona SNSD

In response to a fan who asked if she had Pokémon bread, Yoona said, “I had so many of them in the past, but I haven’t eaten it since it became (a craze) again these days. It’s really hard to get.”

In the last part of the vlog, while eating at the rest stop the next day, Yoona tried to say hello to her drama filming crew when they came in, but they did not recognize her. Yoona got embarrassed and made a sulky face as the staff teased her, “People can’t recognize Im Yoona,” and “Is it because she isn’t wearing makeup?”

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