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Girl’s Day’s CEO → Hyeri “You have the smallest face I’ve ever seen”… Debut thanks to small face

Lee Hye-ri revealed that she made her debut thanks to her small face.

On the Oct 19th broadcast of tvN’s “You Quiz on the Block” (“You Quiz“), people who are in contact with death through their profession or acting appeared and shared various life stories.

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Lee Hye-ri explained, “I play the role of a funeral director in MBC’s ‘May I Help You‘. My character has a mysterious ability to talk to the dead by touching their hands.” When asked if she had been told to be a celebrity since she was young, Lee Hye-ri made everyone laugh by replying, “I only heard things like ‘You’re so noisy’.”

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Regarding her debut in the entertainment industry, Lee Hye-ri said, “It’s strange to talk about 12 years ago. There was a close sister I met at a contest I participated in. She went to an audition. I went to the audition with her because she said they needed one more person, and that was Girl’s Day‘s office.”

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Lee Hye-ri continued, “Later, when I asked why I was chosen, the boss said, ‘You have the smallest face I’ve ever seen.'” She then boasted her small face, causing laughter. Lee Hye-ri added, “At that time, I was a livelihood type idol. I did my own makeup.”

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