(G)I-DLE Jeon So-yeon credited the original ATEEZ song’s producer after “SUN” plagiarism speculations 

When suspicions of plagiarism were raised regarding the song “SUN” composed by Jeon So-yeon of (G)I-DLE, the song’s composer column on music sites was revised with the name of the original ATEEZ song’s composer added. 

SUN” is a song composed by Jeon So-yeon as a present to the audition program “My Teenage Girl.”

On February 28th, on major music sites such as Melon, “WAVE”’s original singer Eden-ary was added in addition to Jeon So-yeon and Pop Time as composers of the song “SUN.”

/Photo = News 1, Melon

In the previous episode of “My Teenage Girl,” only Jeon So-yeon and Pop Time were introduced as composers of the song “SUN.” Even after it was released on music sites the next day, only Jeon So-yeon and Pop Time were marked in the composer section. 

However, after the broadcast, suspicions were raised that some sections of “SUN” were similar to ATEEZ‘s “WAVE.” Eden-ary was later added in the song’s composer list on Melon, showing that Jeon So-yeon acknowledged the suspicion of plagiarism and consulted with the original singer.

Eden-ary is a music producing group with singer and composer Eden as the leader. ATEEZ and Maddox belong to this group, which produced the song “WAVE.”


However, Jeon So-yeon has yet to release any official statement. As a result, online communities and social media are calling for an open apology from the idol.

Fans of ATEEZ pointed out, “She plagiarized and remained silent,” adding, “Apologize to ATEEZ and their fans.”

Jeon So-yeon was considered a genius producer and idol with both lyric writing and composition skills. She participated in “My Teenage Girl” as a judge. However, the alleged plagiarism seems inevitable.

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