2NE1 reportedly prepared for the Coachella reunion in secret because of trademark issues + YG’s response

It seems that 2NE1’s appearance at the 2022 Coachella was even a surprise to YG Entertainment. 

On April 17th, 2NE1 took the crowd at Coachella, America’s largest music festival, by utter surprise by reuniting on stage as four for the first time in 6 years after their sudden disbandment in 2016. Park Bom, Sandara Park, and Minzy made an unannounced appearance by the end of CL’s performance and delivered an electrifying stage of the group’s iconic hit “I Am The Best“. 2NE1’s reunion then became the highlight of this year’s Coachella, especially for global K-pop fans. American famous music magazine Rolling Stone magazine selected 2NE1’s stage as “one of the best sets” at the 2022 Coachella.

6 years after the group’s disbandment, fans could see the 4 members performing on stage together

The JoongAng reported that 2NE1’s Coachella performance was prepared in strict secrecy. This is because all 4 members have left YG, the agency where they debuted, and are now active under different companies. They are allowed to sing together but to be able to use the name 2NE1 for commercial business such as performances, they will need to have YG’s permission or have the trademark rights transferred to them. 

If 2NE1 uses the group’s name in concert promotional materials or new albums without these procedures, they can get involved in a trademark infringement lawsuit. Therefore, 2NE1’s stage was carefully prepared in secret without any publicity. 

2NE1 Coachella

In response to this, an official from YG said, “We have no position to make a particular statement about 2NE1’s performance. We have no plans to take legal action.” YG’s stance made many fans feel relieved. Although 2NE1 members are no longer artists under YG, it can be seen that the company and their disbanded group are still on good terms. 

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