(G)I-DLE and WayV top Hanteo’s January chart

Hanteo Chart officially announced the January Monthly Chart at 10 AM on Feb 1st. The aggregation period for the January Monthly Chart on Hanteo Chart lasted for a month from Jan 1st to 31st, and accordingly, (G)I-DLE and WayV rose to the top of the Hanteo Monthly Chart.

The protagonist of the first Monthly World Chart in the New Year was (G)I-DLE, who made a comeback with “Super Lady”. (G)I-DLE recorded a World Index of 19,750.03 points by obtaining high scores in the album and social categories. Despite releasing their album at the end of January, (G)I-DLE achieved the remarkable feat of topping the January Monthly World Chart, proving their popularity as global artists. Following (G)I-DLE, IVE ranked 2nd with a World Index of 12,186.16 points, and BTS ranked 3rd with a World Index of 12,161.52 points.

(G)I-DLE continued their momentum by also taking the top spot on the Monthly Album Chart. The January Monthly Album Index for (G)I-DLE’s 2nd full-length album “2” was 1,214,385.00 points, with sales reaching 1,133,177 copies. (G)I-DLE joined the ranks of million sellers for two consecutive times by achieving a million seller status on the second day of first-week sales.

Next, NMIXX, with their 2nd mini album “Fe3O4: BREAK”, recorded an album index of 656,005.30 points (sales of 631,441 copies), securing the 2nd place on the Monthly Album Chart. Following them, TWS, with their 1st mini album “Sparkling Blue”, achieved an album index of 311,733.20 points (sales of 267,956 copies), placing third.

In the Monthly Certification Chart, WayV’s 2nd full-length album “On My Youth” claimed the top spot. The United States was the region with the most authentic album certifications for WayV’s genuine album throughout January. The certification chart is calculated based on fandom’s authentic album certifications, making active participation from fandom more important than anything else.

WayV’s 2nd full-length album “On My Youth” topped the weekly certification chart for two consecutive weeks in the 3rd and 4th weeks of January. This proved WayV’s fandom’s strength in album purchases and certifications. Following WayV, Stray Kids’ 8th mini album “ROCK-STAR” ranked 2nd on the January Monthly Certification Chart, and CRAVITY’s 6th mini album “SUN SEEKER” took 3rd place.

(G)I-DLE also topped the weekly World Chart and Album Chart announced at 10 AM today (Feb 5th) for the 1st week of February. In the weekly World Chart for the 1st week of February, based on Hanteo Chart data accumulated from Jan 29th to Feb 4th, (G)I-DLE’s World Index was 24,022.97 points, securing 1st place with high scores in the album, social and streaming categories.

(G)I-DLE boasted strong global popularity by claiming the top spot on both the January Monthly World Chart and the weekly World Chart for the 1st week of February. Following them, IVE ranked 2nd with a World Index of 11,539.88 points, and BTS followed closely behind with a World Index of 10,139.52 points.


(G)I-DLE achieved a double crown by also topping the weekly Album Chart, thus achieving two consecutive wins for the 1st week of February. With sales of over 1.53 million copies, surpassing their own first-week sales record, (G)I-DLE recorded an album index of 1,621,230.10 points (sales of 1,537,083 copies) on the Hanteo weekly Album Chart.

Taking 2nd place on the weekly Album Chart was VANNER’s 2nd mini album “CAPTURE THE FLAG”, with an album index of 142,485.20 points (sales of 142,689 copies). Following them, TWS’s 1st mini album “Sparkling Blue”, which ranked 1st on the weekly Album Chart for the 4th week of January, continued to demonstrate its popularity. “Sparkling Blue” recorded an album index of 26,108.30 points (sales of 22,914 copies).

SeolA claimed the top spot on the weekly Certification Chart, proving her fandom’s enthusiastic participation in authentic album certifications. SeolA’s 1st single album “INSIDE OUT” showed the highest certification rate in Taiwan over the past week, followed by Japan, Malaysia and France. Besides, SEVENTEEN’s 11th mini album “SEVENTEENTH HEAVEN” ranked 2nd, and DKB’s 7th mini album “HIP” ranked 3rd.

The World Chart is calculated and announced based on global data of K-pop artists, including albums, songs, certifications, SNS and media. The album chart ranking is based on the album index, which is based on global album sales. The certification chart is based on authentic album certifications from overseas fans.

For more detailed information on each album chart performance and sales figures, please visit the mobile app “Whosfan” and the Hanteo Chart website.

Source: Daum

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