G-Dragon’s unconventional airport look, reveals leg line and tattoos

BIGBANG G-Dragon appeared at the airport in an unconventional outfit, drawing attention.

On April 17th, G-Dragon arrived at Gimpo International Airport after finishing his schedule in Japan. On this day, G-Dragon created a natural atmosphere by wearing a shirt and a large bucket hat that covers more than half of his face.

It was G-Dragon’s pants that attracted the attention of numerous reporters and fans. In particular, G-Dragon wore “super-mini shorts” that accentuated his leg line. Naturally, the tattoo on his thigh was exposed.

In addition, the cross-shaped tattoo that covered G-Dragon’s entire left calf stood out whenever he walked. G-Dragon has usually shown genderless looks, such as wearing pearl necklaces or carrying handbags.

This time, when he chose the pants that women wear comfortably as his “airport look”, drawing attention. Upon seeing G-Dragon, netizens expressed their admiration and left comments such as, “As expected, he’s the leader of genderless fashion”, “Everything looks cool when G-Dragon wears it”, among others.

Meanwhile, on April 15th, G-Dragon released a photo taken with Japanese chef Natsuko Shoji through his personal SNS.

G-Dragon also made headlines for showing off their closeness to the point of lying on Natsuko Shoji’s thighs.

Source: Insight

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