Just like BTS, the newly debuted “monster rookie” TXT has set this record on the Billboard chart

TXT’s record on the Billboard 200 is something no other Kpop rookie has managed to achieve.

TXT is considered to be one of the most potential rookies in the public’s eyes because it is the junior of the “global boy band” BTS. Although the debut of the brand new boy group from Big Hit Entertainment received mixed reviews, TXT’s reputation has gone far beyond the Kpop boundary, even going straight to the prestigious Billboard chart.

On March 11, Billboard announced TXT’s debut album “The Dream Chapter: STAR” landed “at number 140 on the Billboard 200 chart – ranking the 200 best-selling albums and extended discs in the US market. “BTS’s brother” has become the Kpop male rookie group with the highest debut album on the Billboard 200. Not to mention, TXT currently holds the record for the Kpop group to appear on this chart the fastest (after only 7 days of release).

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TXT currently holds up to 2 records on the Billboard 200 charts – unprecedented achievements with Kpop rookies

Not only appeared on the prestigious Billboard 200 but TXT also “hit the top” of two other rankings: World Album and World Digital Song Sales via the mini album “The Dream Chapter: STAR” and “CROWN” title song.


This series of achievements shows that TXT is currently a formidable opponent of many groups with such an outstanding potential when reaching the prestigious Billboard 200 with its first album only. Is the group also taking on the steps of BTS as they win the hearts of international fans, especially in the US?

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TXT proves itself to be the “monster rookie” among the Kpop idol groups debuting this year

Sources: k14

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