“They even appeared on a show together…” FreeZia reportedly parted ways with Kang Ye Won’s agency HyoWon CNC

FreeZia was announced terminating her contract with HyoWon CNC.

Hyowon CNC released a statement on the 27th, “After discussing future activities with Song Ji-ah, we decided to end our domestic management work by respecting each other’s opinions. We support Song Ji-ah, who has talent and passion [for what she does].” 

Kang Yewon

HyoWon CNC is a media entertainment company co-CEO-ed by actress Kang Ye-won and is in charge of various creator management in the fields of fashion, beauty and food.

Knowing bros

FreeZia started her creator career on YouTube in 2019 and has about 2 million subscribers. She gained vast popularity after joining Netflix’s dating show “Single’s Inferno” that aired in 2021 and became a hot topic. FreeZia later also participated in JTBC’s “Knowing Bros” with actress Kang Ye-won. FreeZia was previously caught in a scandal of using fake luxury items that caused her fame. 

Source: wikitree

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