Four actors bouncing back to the screen post-scandal in 2022: Seo Ye Ji had a transformation, Kim Seon Ho was showered with praise 

Caught in personal controversies last year, these stars are making their comeback in 2022 with new projects. 

Kim Seon Ho, Seo Ye Ji, Park Hye Soo and Kim Min Gwi are young and loved actors. It was due to unfortunate events that they had to halt their careers. With appropriate timing, they are coming back to acting. 

1. Seo Ye Ji

Seo Ye Ji returned to the small screen after 1 years of withdrawing from the mass media due to personal matters. In “Eve”, the actress regained parts of her fame and reputation. In the series, she made a powerful transformation into a female lead that sought revenge. She used her entire youth to devise a plan that can bring justice to her family. Her image and acting gained favorable reviews from the audience. 

Seo Ye Ji’s image in this comeback 

2. Kim Seon Ho

Kim Seon Ho was a prominent actor in the industry after two series, “Start-up” and “Hometown Cha Cha Cha”. That was before he was framed by his former girlfriend in October 2021. Although he was proved innocent, Kim Seon Ho still had to halt his career for a long time. His recent comeback was not a film project but a play. Notably, he used all his appearance fees to support victims of typhoon Hinnamnor that swept across Pohang, the city backdrop of “Hometown Cha Cha Cha”. People praised him for such an action. 

kim seon ho
Kim Seon Ho returned in a play

3. Park Hye Soo

In February 2021, actress Park Hye Soo was caught in a bullying scandal that caused her to withdraw from activities for more than a year, despite attempts to clear her name. In early October, she appeared at the “Busan International Film Festival” (BIFF) with the crew of “The Dream Songs”. This is her first ever independent film project. Currently, the movie has not premiered yet but the reviews are not so favorable since the public still has not accepted Hye Soo’s return. 

Park Hye Soo looked stunning in her comeback 

4. Kim Min Gwi

Kim Min Gwi is a rookie in the filming scene in Korea who got his fame thanks to a supporting role in the series “Nevertheless”. However, at the time of airing, Kim Min Gwi was accused of cheating and violating quarantine restrictions. His screen-time was reduced on the show subsequently. Recently, Kim Min Gwi had a minor role in the series “Narco-Saints”. Yet it was not enough to attract attention. 

Kim Min-gwi
Kim Min Gwi did not receive any attention in this comeback 

Source: K14

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