Jung Jin Hyung, former YG trainee rumored to make Miyeon lose her chance to debut with BLACKPINK, how is he now?

Once had the opportunity to become a member of iKON, now, although Jung Jin Hyung has debuted as a soloist, he still does not receive much attention from the public.

Dating rumors always have a negative effect on Kpop idols. As a result, management companies’ dating bans are applied not only to idols who have already debuted, but also to trainees. According to some rumors, Miyeon was dropped from BLACKPINK‘s debut lineup due to her relationship with Jung Jin Hyung, another former YG trainee.

Jung Jin Hyung and Miyeon
The love scandal that affected the careers of Miyeon and Jung Jin Hyung used to cause a stir on social networks.

Before debuting as the main vocal of (G)I-DLE, Miyeon was a trainee at YG Entertainment. Specifically, she joined YG in 2010, at the same time as Jennie and spent 5 years as a trainee. Many people predicted Miyeon would make her debut with BLACKPINK at the time because of her attractive appearance, good voice, and dancing ability. However, to the surprise of fans, YG eliminated Miyeon from BLACKPINK’s lineup and forced her to leave the company.

Jung Jin Hyung and Miyeon
Miyeon is close to 4 members of BLACKPINK when she was a trainee.

Since then, both YG and Miyeon have never revealed the real reason.  However, many speculations from netizens said that Miyeon was forced to leave YG because she secretly dated another YG trainee.

Accordingly, fans pointed out evidence that Miyeon was in a relationship with Jung Jin Hyung while she was a YG trainee. Many pictures of the couple were circulated online around 2015. They even traveled to Japan together, which led to many people affirming that they had violated YG’s ban and were forced to leave the company.

Jung Jin Hyung and Miyeon
The dating image of Miyeon and Jung Jin Hyung was “digged up” by netizens.

As for Jung Jin Hyung, he used to be a highly appreciated trainee in the survival program Mix & Match, where the official members were selected for iKON. However, after being eliminated, Jin Hyung left YG and did not have any activities in Kbiz for about 3 years.

In 2017, the Korean press reported that the former YG trainee signed an exclusive contract with S.F.R Entertainment and planned a solo debut.  Also in July 2017, Jin Hyung officially debuted as a solo artist with the song “Calling You”.  Although he received a lot of attention from Knet, his debut product did not leave an impression.

Not ending his musical dream, in 2019, Jin Hyung released the album “Soar”.  This product continued to be a failure and could not help him get more attention from the audience.

There were rumors that Jung Jin Hyung had been invited to participate in Mnet’s survival show Produce 101, but the male singer’s management company confirmed that he would not participate because he wanted to focus on his solo career.

In an interview with Bnt International, Jin Hyung said: “After leaving YG, there were many things I had to deal with because I was alone, so I was mentally stressed out. The good thing about being a solo artist is there’s no need to integrate opinions. I can do whatever I want.”

jung jin hyung
After leaving YG, Jung Jin Hyung repeatedly experienced failure.

He is currently a member of FA Crew, a group of musicians, stylists, designers, and other creatives. Jin Hyung also rarely updates his Instagram with daily photos. After many rumors about his personal life, it is clear that the male singer is quite secretive. 

Jin Hyung made a comeback in May with the song “Back.” “Back”, like the previous MVs, did not invest much in the visuals and instead focused solely on Jin Hyung’s images. The song is also only one minute and twenty-one seconds long. And, as with his previous products, his MV drew little attention, and many people don’t know about  it.

However, after many years, both YG, Miyeon and Jung Jin Hyung have never spoken about this rumor.  Therefore, all speculations about the reason for Miyeon’s departure from YG are just rumors.

Source: Yan

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