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Former Wonder Girls member Woo Hye-rim, who can speak 4 languages fluently, hosted an interview with Brad Pitt

Wonder Girls Woo Hye-rim met Brad Pitt as a reporter for “Entertainment Weekly”.

Woo Hye-rim made a surprise appearance as a reporter on the August 25th broadcast of KBS 2TV’s entertainment program “Entertainment Weekly”, and conducted an interview in English with Hollywood star Brad Pitt.

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To Brad Pitt, who visited Korea again for the first time in 8 years, Woo Hye-rim said, “Please say hello to your fans in Korea”, leading the interview comfortably with her English skills. Brad Pitt said, “Thank you for inviting me back to Korea. I’ve brought a very interesting movie to you.”

Throughout the interview, Woo Hye-rim showed off her delicate by smiling warmly and showing reactions to Brad Pitt’s answers, drawing admiration for her excellent hosting skills.

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In that friendly atmosphere, Woo Hye-rim asked, “Please say your last words to your Korean fans”. Brad Pitt shared, “I’m glad to be back here. I hope everyone has a great summer and I hope my movie will make your summer more enjoyable”, greeting Korean fans.

Lastly, Woo Hye-rim said to Brad Pitt, who answered the interview actively, “I hope you have a good time in Korea”. The two thanked and greeted each other then wrapped up the interview.

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Woo Hye-rim, an all-rounder entertainer who is active in various fields, such as entertainment and educational broadcasting, is known as a representative “woman with a sexy brain” who can speak 4 languages, including English, Chinese and Cantonese.

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Woo Hye-rim is expected to show her outstanding hosting skills once again as she has been selected as the MC for EBS International Documentary Film Festival’s “Industry” awards ceremony, which will be held today (August 26th).

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