Former GFriend member Umji’s amazing “visual transformation”

Former GFriend member Umji (real name Kim Ye Won) appeared in front of fans with a different appearance.

On Jan 25th, Umji posted several photos on her Instagram with the caption “Vari vari various“.

In the photos, Umji was wearing a white tank top and making various poses.

Viviz Umji
Viviz Umji

In the past, Umji mainly showed fans a cute and refreshing image. However, in the photos released this time, Umji’s unique lively image was not found.

Umji showed off her solid body as if she was proud of her steady exercise.

Viviz Umji

Netizens left comments such as “Wow! A major change in image!?“, “What happened to your body…” and “Ye Won is the best! You’re so pretty.

Meanwhile, girl group GFriend announced their disbandment in May 2021 as all members did not renew their contracts with Source Music, their agency at that time.

Viviz Umji

Currently, Umji is working as Viviz with former GFriend members Eunha and SinB.

Source: Insight

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