Former EXO’s Tao Takes Ex-SM Trainee on a Romantic Night Out and Makes a Public Confession

Once again, Tao has captured the spotlight with his love life

On October 11th, Sohu reported that former EXO member Tao took singer and actress Xu Yiyang, to a fancy nightclub in Seoul’s upscale Gangnam district for a date. What made this date stand out was Tao’s heartfelt gesture of affection towards Xu Yiyang.

EXO Tao Xu Yiyang

At the club, Tao spared no expense to display the words “Love you Yiyang” on a LED screen, in an effort to impress Xu Yiyang and publicly declare his feelings for her.

EXO Tao Xu Yiyang

This action by Tao created a buzz among Chinese netizens. Fans believe that the former EXO member has finally decided to openly acknowledge his romance with Xu Yiyang, putting an end to the ongoing speculations and denials that have surrounded their relationship.

The dating rumors have been circling the two since 2020, when Xu Yiyang signed a contract with L.TAO Entertainment, a company founded by Tao himself. Xu Yiyang is four years younger than Tao, and it’s worth noting that she was previously a trainee under SM Entertainment, Tao’s former company when he was in EXO. 

Source: K14

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