Former EXO member Huang Zitao finally released a statement regarding his dating rumors with Xu Yiyang, an idol under his company

Huang Zitao has just clarified the dating rumors that have surrounded him for a long time.

The dating rumors of Huang Zitao and Xu Yiyang, an idol under his company, have attracted keen attention from Chinese netizens within the past two days. The couple was caught posting pictures of each other on their SNS accounts and traveling to the same place. In addition, fans also found out that the former EXO member even set the photo he took with Xu Yiyang as his avatar on a messenger app. In fact, rumors of the two’s romantic relationship have surrounded ever since 2020.

Until today (February 12th), Huang Zitao revealed his position about this issue for the first time. After sharing the photo of 5 dragon rings on his Weibo account, the actor suddenly received numerous questions asking about his dating rumors. Couldn’t tolerate the situation anymore, Huang Zitao wrote a comment, saying, “What should I say, what are the things that I have to make clear? Do I have to clarify all of your delusions? It’s just a photo. What more should I say?”

The CEO of LTao Entertainment continued to reply intensely, “I only posted a photo of the dragon rings. Anything wrong? I’ll show you what’s on my phone. Do you think I’m afraid to do so? Is there any problem here?”

Earlier, fans noticed Huang Zitao accidentally revealed his profile photo on a phone app during a livestream. The photo was said to be taken when Huang Zitao and Xu Yiyang were enjoying their moments on the beach. After this accident, netizens began to find more hints. It is pointed out that Xu Yiyang was biased by Huang Zitao. Huang Zitao follows only Xu Yiyang on SNS. He once chose a “special” time to promote Xu Yiyang’s new song and showed his affection for her.

Xu Yiyang was not able to debut through Produce Camp 2020 but she has received great support from Huang Zitao
Xu Yiyang was not able to debut through Produce Camp 2020 but she has received great support from Huang Zitao 
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