Former child actress who took the top spot in the division as she didn’t like the stereotype “She isn’t good at studying because she’s an actress”

Jin Ji Hee attended Dongguk University – Division of Theatre in 2018. She slept for about an hour at home then went to school early to take the final exams despite the fact that the filming ended at dawn.

Jin Ji-hee

Jin Ji Hee took the top spot in the division with A in all subjects and an excellent grade of 4.3 in the 1st and 2nd semesters. She said, “I didn’t like stereotypes such as ‘She isn’t good at studying because she’s an actress’. I wanted to break that wall, so I thought I should study harder. I focused on studying.

Jin Ji-hee

Last August, Jin Ji Hee shared that she graduated from university after 4 years. She also revealed her fascination with Krav Maga, Israel’s modern self-defense technique.

Jin Ji-hee

She said “I’ll become a female warrior” and showcased a great action performance. She aroused admiration from viewers with a tough charm that had never been seen before, such as quick blows and nimble kicks. Wouldn’t it be nice to see action actress Jin Ji Hee soon?

Jin Ji Hee and Lee Soon Jae, whom she worked with in “High Kick Through the Roof”, will soon meet the audience through the play “The Seagull”.

Source: Daum

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