Former April member Kim Chae-won starts anew after bullying controversy

Former April member Kim Chae-won moved to Janggoon Entertainment.

Janggoon Entertainment announced on July 19th, “We signed an exclusive contract with former April member Kim Chae-won. We will fully support her to carry out more active and diverse activities, starting with the fan meeting, which is a meeting with fans who have been waiting for Kim Chae-won for a long time.”

kim chae won

Kim Chae-won debuted as the main vocalist of girl group April in 2015. She was greatly loved for her outstanding singing skills and sweet voice. She also worked as an actress through KBS Joy’s “Love Naggers Season 3”, web dramas “Reply Pyeongchang, 100°F” and “Third Person Dating Perspective”.

kim chae won

However, in February last year, suspicions were raised that April members, including Kim Chae-won, had bullied former member Lee Hyun-joo. Lee Hyun-joo claimed that she even attempted to make an extreme choice after being bullied during group activities. As the controversy continued, April eventually decided to officially disband last January.

kim chae won

Afterwards, Kim Chae-won continued her legal battle over the bullying controversy. On July 7th, she said through her YouTube channel, “The final result was decided as non-transfer. I will take legal action up to this point. I will greet you with various activities and good music from now on because there is no lie in my position and I feel proud without any shame.”

kim chae won

Kim Chae-won, who found a new home after the controversy, will hold her first solo fan meeting “To the Memories of April” at G Space Hall in Mapo-gu, Seoul at 14:00 and 18:00 on July 24th to meet fans who have been waiting for her for a long time. Kim Chae-won’s new song will be released for the first time at this fan meeting.


Janggoon Entertainment, with which Kim Chae-won signed an exclusive contract, includes broadcasters Kim Sung-joo, Hwang Soo-kyung, Park Seul-gi, comedians Jung Sung-ho, Park So-ra, weather caster Kang Ah-rang, singer Park Kwang-sun, baseball commentator Yang Joon-hyuk, former basketball player Kim Tae-sul, Kabaddi national team member Lee Jang-kun and former baseball player Choi Jun-seok.

Source: wikitree

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