Former Actress Reportedly Threatened Lee Sun-kyun & Female Head Of Hostess Bar Using Illegal SIMs

The prosecution found the process of former actress A concealing her identity and using illegal SIMs to extort money

According to the prosecution’s indictment reported by Yonhap News on March 5th, former movie actress A (29 years old) has lived in the same apartment with female entertainment establishment director B (30 years old), whom she met in 2017, since September 2022. As they were very close, A was aware of not only B’s drug use but also her connections with celebrities. 

Knowing that B poured 10 million won into silencing someone who wanted to report B’s drug use, A decided that she should take some money from B. A disguised themselves as a hacker and sent threatening messages to B via Telegram. On September 14 last year, A sent B a message, saying “You have many pictures of celebrities in your album. It’s going to cause a big stir”, and mentioned Lee Sun-kyun.

lee sun kyun

At that time, B did not realize that the person who threatened her through Telegram was A, a sister she was very close to. Later, A demanded 100 million won and threatened to contact B’s family.

A bought 3 illegal USIM chips worth 300,000 won each from a mobile phone seller she found through Telegram then installed a SIM into a disposable cell phone to threaten B again via Kakaotalk but failed to extort money. 

A’s threat eventually led to another threat. Threatened by A, B ended up asking Lee Sun-kyun for a large amount of money of up to 300 million won and the actor handed over 300 million won to B on September 22nd. However, B took 300 million won alone and did not give A the money she demanded. Due to this failure, A began threatening Lee Sun-kyun using another illegal SIM to get 100 million won but eventually lowered the number by half. A received 50 million won at a restaurant in Gangnam on October 17th.

lee sun kyun

In January 2024, the prosecution arrested A and sent her to trial on five charges, including blackmail, aiding and abetting blackmail, attempted blackmail, violation of the Telecommunications Business Act, and driving without a license.

It was revealed that A was forcibly arrested while driving from Seoul to Busan without a license on the day of the suspect interrogation ahead of her official arrest in December last year. B, who was arrested on drug charges earlier in November, faced an additional charge of blackmailing. 

Their first trial is scheduled for March 14th at the Incheon District Court. It was supposed to take place on February 29th but was postponed due to B’s recent change of lawyer.

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