For many years, this veteran actress proves herself as a certified fan of IU

Actress Park Sol Mi shows her deep affection for singer IU.

On September 27th, Park Sol Mi posted a photo on her Instagram with the caption, “It seems that IU’s only rival is herself now. That’s terribly cool.”

park so mi - iu

The published photo shows Park Sol Mi posing alongside IU. While Park Sol Mi made finger hearts, IU formed a heart with both of her hands. At the same time, Park Sol Mi also smiled at her awkwardly edited photo, saying, “In the meantime, this is just an edit made with a phone.

Park Sol Mi is well-known as an avid fan of IU. Every year, she took certification photos with her daughter at IU’s concert. 

park so mi

Last year, the actress also published a handwritten letter from her daughter Seo Yul to IU on her Instagram. The letter, which brought a warm smile to all those who saw it, read, “To IU unnie. Hello unnie. I love all of your songs. I can’t choose! I listen to your songs every day. Because my mom keeps playing it. Please make my mom happy in the future. With good music. This is Seo Yul.”

park so mi

On the other hand, Park Sol Mi debuted through the 27th recruitment of MBC in 1998, and has since made her name known through appearances in famous K-dramas like KBS2’s “Winter Sonata” and SBS’ “All In”.

Actress Park Sol Mi is married to actor Han Jae Seok and the couple have a daughter together. 

Source: Wikitree

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