Father of B.I, former iKON leader, is reported to be the vice president of IOK Company

A representative of IOK immediately responded to this information.

On August 26, Ten Asia reported that B.I‘s father, Kim Jung Joo, who was earlier arrested for embezzlement, is the vice president of IOK Company. Netizens now believe it is the reason why, last year, B.I was appointed as the IOK Company’s youngest CEO. Mr. Kim, who is also said to be the former CEO of Seunghwa Pritech, has served as vice president since before the iKON’s former leader was nominated as internal director.

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Mr. Kim is said to be in head of IOK’s music sales team, which includes the 131 Label, a B.I.-founded label. According to the report, B.I. and his father were the ones who planned the male idol’s activities on their own.

Mr. Kim Jung Joo is rumored to be arrested in 2014 for fraudulently disclosing equity information on the stock market in order to entice investment and embezzle 2.4 billion won from the firm. Meanwhile, B.I. was also criticized by the public for releasing a new album in June, before the trial of his drug use took place.

However, a representative of IOK immediately responded to this information. Accordingly, this person confirmed that B.I’s father is not the vice president of IOK Company. “It is true that he contacted the company on behalf of B.I, but it is not true that he is working as the Vice President of the company.”IOK representative said.

IOK Company is currently the management company of Jo In Sung, Go Hyun Jung, Kim Ha Neul, Sowon (former GFriend member)…etc.

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