Fans suspect that TXT has been “badly played” by Mnet 3 times at MAMA 2021

Many fans are extremely upset with the way Mnet treats TXT at MAMA 2021, and even wonder if this station is angry at TXT because of BTS?

The Mnet Asian Music Awards 2021 (MAMA 2021) were held on December 11 at 6 p.m. (KST) at CJ ENM’s Contents World in Paju, Gyeonggi Province, South Korea. Every year MAMA always attracts attention because of Mnet’s tricks as well as the fact that there will be some controversy surrounding the award results. However, this year’s results did not spark any big controversy

Fans suspect that TXT has been "badly played" by Mnet 3 times at MAMA 2021

However, the way Mnet treats artists still makes fans angry. This year’s ‘victim’ is none other than TXT. Recently, many fans pointed to 3 pieces of evidence that Mnet treated TXT badly, even suspecting that the station did so because BTS couldn’t attend their awards ceremony.

Yeonjun is not included in the Gen4 collab video’s thumbnail

MAMA 2021 begins with a special stage called ‘BlooM the Sound’. This performance featured 6 4th generation idols including Hyunjin (Stray Kids), Wooyoung (ATEEZ), Yeonjun (TXT), Yeji (ITZY), Karina (aespa) and Heeseung (ENHYPEN).

Originally the cover photo of the video only had 5 people, without Yeonjun
Originally the cover photo of the video only had 5 people, without Yeonjun

Following the end of the concert, Mnet uploaded the video to the station’s YouTube channel. TXT fans, on the other hand, were enraged as soon as they saw the video’s thumbnail. This stage has six idols, however, Mnet only designed the cover picture with five of them: Hyunjin, Wooyoung, Yeji, Karina, and Heeseung, without Yeonjun.

Mnet was immediately criticized by fans and forced to change the cover image to include all six idols, including Yeonjun. Many people are still confused as to how this station can miss Yeonjun throughout the editing process although the video title includes all six names.

Then Mnet had to edit the video cover

Causing a lot of problems during TXT’s performance

Coming to MAMA 2021, TXT performed 2 songs ‘Frost’ and ‘LO$ER=LO♡ER’ along with a spectacular dance break. However, in the end, Mnet caused many technical problems that prevented this performance from reaching the best quality.

The worst thing was that during TXT’s dance break, Mnet played background music with a few seconds delay, greatly affecting the group’s performance. This is Mnet’s lack of respect for TXT’s efforts.

A video showing the difference between the original dance practice and the group’s performance at MAMA.

Notably, Big Hit Music quickly uploaded the dance practice version after TXT’s performance ended. According to fans, this is the first time Big Hit has shared a dance practice video in such a short period of time. They suspected that Big Hit was aiming directly at Mnet.

Dance practice video of TXT’s dance break posted by Big Hit

And even the dancers who performed with TXT were extremely upset with Mnet. One person wrote on Story Instagram: ‘Don’t watch the performance video with delayed music, please watch this video (Big Hit’s video) instead [with angry face emoji]’.

Another dancer also expressed frustration, “Everyone worked so hard for this dance break, but in the MAMA video, the background music was delayed. Everyone, please watch the official video (Big Hit’s video).’

Fans suspect that TXT has been "badly played" by Mnet 3 times at MAMA 2021
Fans suspect that TXT has been "badly played" by Mnet 3 times at MAMA 2021

Interrupting Soobin’s speech

At this year’s MAMA 2021, TXT received the Bonsang Worldwide Fans’ Choice Top 10 award. However, as leader Soobin was still making a speech, the mic abruptly cut off and background music began to play. Although astonished, Soobin handled the situation professionally, continuing to speak loudly to soon complete the speech.

Soobin was speaking on the mic when he was interrupted at MAMA 2021

Soobin’s handling of the situation has also become a hot topic on Korean online forums. Many Knetizens praised the leader of TXT. They said that if it were anyone else, they would probably be startled and laugh awkwardly or be speechless, but Soobin did a perfectly good job. One netizen exclaims: ‘His courage is admirable! Normally when the mic is off, the artist will feel awkward or say ‘Ah..’ But instead, Soobin raises his voice to end the speech regardless of whether the mic is off or not. Really good!

Even so, after all, the MOA fandom and netizens are still extremely angry with the way Mnet treats TXT at the MAMA 2021. Many people believe that Mnet was unhappy that Big Hit opted not to let BTS attend MAMA and then treated TXT badly.


On a Korean internet forum, a Korean ARMY commented, ‘I’m an ARMY and I really hate Mnet ㅋㅋㅋ I can understand that they might be angry that BTS didn’t attend but how can they take their anger out on TXT? Their thinking is trash. And it’s also amazing that Soobin finished his speech so well. How could they be so rude as to turn off the mic and interrupt TXT’s speech?!!’.

What do you think about the problems that TXT encountered at MAMA 2021? Please share your thoughts.

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