Fans Send Protest Truck to SM Demanding Seunghan’s Exit from RIIZE

In the wake of recent controversy surrounding RIIZE Seunghan, fans have expressed their discontent about his debut.

Today (September 1st), a protest truck was dispatched to SM Entertainment’s headquarters, demanding Seunghan’s withdrawal from RIIZE. The LED banner on the truck bore a message: “Seunghan, get out of RIIZE. SM, get it together.”

Earlier this week, leaked private photos of Seunghan being intimate with a woman circulated online, sparking a controversy.

In response to the situation, SM issued an official statement on August 30th, expressing deep regret for disappointing fans and causing harm to RIIZE in this crucial pre-debut period. However, the company made it clear that they would pursue legal action against those responsible for the unauthorized release of Seunghan’s private photos.

Seunghan himself posted a apology on RIIZE’s official Instagram, expressing remorse for letting down both his fans and bandmates. Seunghan said, “I take full responsibility for my recklessness and have reflected deeply on my past actions.”

He concluded his apology by pledging to prioritize RIIZE and promising to act more cautiously in the future.

Although Seunghan has apologized, many fans are still against his debut as they express concerns over RIIZE’s future being negatively affected by Seunghan’s controversy if he continues to stay in the group.

On another note, RIIZE is set to release their debut single album “Get a Guitar” on September 4th.

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