“Expensive” vs. “Worth buying”, netizens’ opinions are divided regarding the BTS face mask

A mask collection of BTS will be released soon. However, when the price was revealed, a heated debate is happening among netizens. 

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Dobu Mask, a mask company, announced that the BTS masks collection would be put on pre-order from Jan 10th. However, when the price was revealed, many fans complained that the price was expensive. The mask is reportedly 35,000 won for a pack of 7 masks, which is about 5,000 won per mask This price is more than five times more expensive than regular masks, which are usually about 1,000 won per mask. 

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The mask has different colors depending on the package you purchase. The RM package is black, Jin is pink, Suga is green, J-Hope is sky blue, Jimin is orange, V is purple, and Jungkook is blue. In addition, if you purchase a full set, you will receive an additional limited edition yellow mask. 

If you purchase it as a set, the price is 245,000 won for 56 masks. The price would be slightly lowered to 4,375 won per unit, but it is still more expensive than regular masks. 

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Opinions of the netizens who saw the masks’ price were greatly divided. Some netizens from the Internet community theqoo responded, “If I were a fan, I would just buy all 7 sets,” “If I were a fan, it would be a good price if you think of them as goods,” “The mask color is pretty,” and “The design is pretty.” 

However, many fans complained about the price which is much higher than regular masks. Some netizens said, “It’s disposable, but the price is too much,” “No matter how big BTS is, does that price make sense to you guys?” “No matter how much of a fan one is, I don’t think they would buy it,” and “It’s expensive if it’s at 5,000 won per mask,” “I think I’ll buy it for about 2,000 won”.

netizens comments
netizens comments
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