Ex-I.O.I Kim So-hye’s comeback drama “My Lovely Boxer” Ends Quietly With Poor Ratings

“My Lovely Boxer”, starring former I.O.I member Kim So-hye, is a complete failure

KBS 2TV’s Mon-Tue series “My Lovely Boxer”, starring Kim So-hye as the female lead, is being ignored by viewers. The rating performance is very disappointing and there is only one episode left until the drama ends.

“My Lovely Boxer” depicts the match-fixing for survival of genius boxer Lee Kwon-sook (Kim So-hye), who disappeared for a few years, and cold-hearted agent Kim Tae-young (Lee Sang-yeob). 

In particular, “My Lovely Boxer” drew keen attention before its broadcast as Kim So-hye’s comeback on the small screen. Facing controversies over school violence allegations that arose in 2017 and 2021, Kim So-hye took a two-year hiatus before returning with this drama.

However, it seems like Kim So-hye’s comeback after overcoming school violence issues will end in failure. This is because the viewer rating of “My Lovely Boxer” has fallen to the 0% range. The drama reached 2.0% once when airing episode 1. After that, the ratings kept declining throughout the episodes and fell to 1% in episodes 7 and 8. As episode 9 recorded 1.5%, there were expectations for a rebound, but episodes 10 and 11 dropped to 0.9%, the lowest rating in the history of KBS’s Mon-Tue dramas.

This is the first time KBS’s Mon-Tue dramas witnessed a viewer rating in the range of 0%. Attention is focused on whether the drama will record its highest or lowest rating in the final episode (episode 2), which will air on October 2nd. 

In addition, viewers also doubted Kim So-hye’s ability to lead a whole drama. It is said that she couldn’t even create immersion in special scenes, such as boxing games and romance. Due to the failure of “My Lovely Boxer”, Kim So-hye’s future acting career is expected to be tough. 

Source: Daum

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