“Everyone avoided me” Jay Park recalls what happened after he left 2PM

Years after the aftermath of his departure from 2PM, Jay Park has his own healing method that no one expected.

While having a conversation with Dynamic Duo and Heo Sung Hyun on KBS2’s “The Seasons – Jay Park’s Drive”, which aired on February 19th, Jay Park said, “There are things I’m so thankful for Dynamic Duo.”

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He explained, “In 2010, when many people were reluctant to do anything with me, I released a solo album. When I didn’t prove anything musically and others didn’t care about me, I asked Dynamic Duo to feature in my solo, and they responded right away. If you call me or ask me to do the same, I will always be loyal.”

To this, Gaeko responded, “It wasn’t long after I was discharged from the military, so we didn’t know.”

On JTBC’s “Peak Time”, which premiered on February 15th, when MC Lee Seung Gi said, “The winning team will be given a prize of 300 million won,” Jay Park shouted, “I was suspended from promotions a long time ago, can I participate?”, referring to his departure from 2PM. After the 1st round selection of the teams that advanced to the finals began, there was team 14:00. Noticing this, Kyuhyun said “Oh, 2PM” while Jay Park laughed. 

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On September 8, 2009, Jay Park announced his departure from 2PM and returned to the United States, and on February 25, 2010, his agency JYP Entertainment terminated their exclusive contract with Jay Park. At the time, Jay Park was the center of the acrobatic performance that was 2PM’s identity. He was also the group’s leader, so the aftermath of him leaving was huge. There was backlash from fans who opposed Jay Park leaving. JYP and 2PM members even held a meeting to appease the angry fans.  Nonetheless, numerous theories have surfaced online as to why Jay Park left the group. However, both JYP and Jay Park kept quiet about this.

After Jay Park’s departure, 2PM gained global popularity by releasing hit songs such as “Heartbeat”, “Hands Up” and “My House” one after another. Jay Park also began to be recognized for his skills in collaboration with Dok2 before establishing AOMG and showing his true identity as a hip-hop artist.

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Jay Park and 2PM went their separate ways, but because Jay Park’s departure incident left a huge scar on himself, 2PM members, JYP, and all the fans who loved them, they never mentioned each other.

Therefore, Jay Park himself surprised everyone by mentioning 2PM and his departure on his own. Now, it can be seen that he has found stability by escaping from the scars and aftershocks enough to bring up the pain of the past. Netizens are showing support to Jay Park, as he showed an unconventional healing method.

Source: Naver

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