“Due to the termination of his exclusive contract,” An idol who suddenly announced his departure from his group

Chi-hoon, a member of the group TO1, suddenly left the team.

Wake One, TO1‘s agency, posted a notice on the official fan cafe of TO1 on the 30th of last month and said, “TO1 member Chi-hoon will withdraw from the team at the end of his exclusive contract.”


They then said, “We are sorry for causing concern to TOGETHER with this sudden news,” adding, “TO1 will return to TOGETHER with more grown music and performances in the future.”


Chi-hoon debuted as TO1 in 2020 after making his face known through Mnet’s “To Be World Class” in 2019. Last year, the group changed its name to TO1 and released albums such as “Ribbon” and “Realize.” However, Chi-hoon announced his withdrawal from the team about two years after his debut, drawing keen curiosity from netizens.


The following is the full text of Wake One’s announcement.

Hello, we’re Wake One.

Due to the cancellation of his exclusive contract, Chi-hoon, a member of TO1, has left the team at the same time as he terminated the exclusive contract with us.

We are sorry to bother you with the sudden news.

TOGETHER will come to you with better music and performances. Please continue to give warm support to TO1 members.

Thank you.

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