“Drama and movie ALL KILL” actor Son Seok Gu to appear on the stage through the play “Army in the tree”

Actor Son Seok Gu challenges theater acting through the play “Army in the tree”.

According to a report by News1 on December 16th, Son Seok Gu decided to appear in the new play “Army in the tree” and is arranging his schedule.

“Army in the tree” (working title) deeply deals with the contradiction in a war where you have to kill someone to live and insights into life. Son Seok Gu will immediately prepare for the play after finishing the filming of works that he had already confirmed his appearances and is expected to greet the audiences next summer. 

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Son Seok Gu emerged as a popular actor this year with double success in both dramas and movies. He starred in JTBC’s drama “My Liberation Notes” and gained explosive attention with his impressive acting as Mr. Gu. Later, the movie “The Roundup”, in which he played the villain Kang Hae Sang, became a box office hit by surpassing 10 million admissions. 

After rising to stardom, Son Seok Gu continued to show his passion for acting by taking on new works, such as Disney+’s “Big Bet”, which will premiere on December 21st, and Netflix’s upcoming series “Murder DIEary”. 

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Son Seok Gu revealed that his goal is to work harder as an actor when appearing on tvN’s “You Quiz on the Block” last month, viewers are raising expectations for his new performances. 

Source: Daum

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