Din Din’s story of him running errands for his older sisters when they were young left a culture shock on other celebrities

Din Din recently appeared on a show and revealed a memory of him and his sisters.

In the latest episode of MBC’s variety show “Family Register Mate” aired on September 21, the daily life of actress Kim Jeong Eun and her sister flutist Kim Jeong Min was revealed.

In the middle of the broadcast, Din Din, who appeared as a panel in that episode, confessed, “When I was young, I often bought sanitary pads whenever my sisters asked me to buy for them.

He continued, “In the first year of middle school, many students started to carry sanitary pads in their pouches. Since I was used to the situation because I have sisters, I casually said, ‘Oh, that’s a sanitary pad’, and suddenly made a friend cry. Then, I figured out something was wrong so I complained to my sisters right away.

Upon hearing Din Din’s story, Kim Jeong Eun said, “What a culture shock. I can’t imagine the situation because I don’t have brothers“. Din Din replied, “I was so used to that thing. At that time, my sisters were in power“, making everyone burst into laughter.

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