“Deceased” Jung Joong-ji’s ambiguous SNS post in the past, “I’m not a criminal…It’s no use now”

Amid the news of the death of Jung Joong-ji, a singer and actor who used to appear on “Produce 101 season 2,” his SNS posts in the past are drawing attention. 

Jung Joong-ji posted on his Instagram account early in the morning on Sep 24th, saying, “I can’t go because it’s raining, I’m sad. When I see successful friends, I envy them. I couldn’t even attend the event. My agency spread strange rumors to do noise marketing, which ruined my life, and people only cursed at me without knowing the truth. It’s exhausting. I didn’t commit any crimes, I’m not a criminal, it’s all fabricated rumors, but who will believe me if I say such things?” 

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The article was uploaded and deleted by Jung Joong-ji in 2017, and there were some suspicions that his former agency did noise marketing due to various controversies at the time, but the suspicions seemed to be over as the post disappeared. 

However, after his death was reported, the mentioned post suddenly returned, raising doubts. Along with the post is an added line that said “Everything is useless now,” drawing attention to the story behind. 

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Meanwhile, Jung Joong-ji received a lot of attention as a participant in Mnet’s “Produce 101” season 2 in 2017. Before participating in the show, he was famous for his “boyfriend memes” online and was also active as a stageplay actor. 

Recently, a netizen who identified herself as his mother announced the sad news, and as his sister changed his Instagram account from private to public, netizens are coming in to pay tribute to him.

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